Value Addition for Shea Butter Export

Executive Director, SSWEA

The TMEA Meeting that brought SSWEA together with IIDEA

The South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association (SSWEA) is one of Trade Mark East Africa partner implementing its project of "Promoting Women Informal Cross Border Traders and Women Entrepreneurs in South Sudan"; the project went on stand still implementation due to the insecurity of 2016 crisis in the Country.

In early 2018 TMEA invited the South Sudan National over side Committee (NOC) to attend one of its East Africa meeting in Kampala whereby Jane was among the panelist to present the women’s project of (Trading Out of Conflict) Women Cross border trade South Sudan.

A Lunch Chit-Chat of Importance

During lunch time Jane met one of the GIZ-EAC team, talked to him about SSWEA and he was interested and give me a contact for one of IIDEA staff. Only a few days later Jane applied to the IIDEA Call for Applications and she was lucky because it did not take long to get a positive response from IIDEA to support the Value addition project of Nimule.

The SSWEA income generating project - Value Addition for Shea Butter Export

The project “Value Addition for Shea Butter Export” was developed and built on the pre-existing small-scale shea butter industry or cottage industry of shea butter owned by women at the village level in Nimule South Sudan.

South Sudan, although coming out of long years of war and under-development, does have potential in its rich agricultural lands, fertile soils and abundant rainfall. Shea butter forms part of the promising agricultural products for South Sudan apart from honey, gum acacia, fish and meat for export, which will contribute to a sustainable source of revenue to the nascent country.