Prokaziea App

Executive Director, CEFORD

Thinking of the Future while Travelling.

Godwin Ocen grew up in Gulu area far from Kampala. He knows how hectic it is for a graduate in Gulu to travel over 6 hours to Kampala looking for jobs.

After he graduated college he noticed the gap between the educational institutions and future employees. There was a link missing: The possibility to do internships, develop skills in a practical environment and to get a first insight into the working life in at a company.

Facing the challenges on the Ugandan Job market, he quickly realized that this problem is not only limited to one country. Youth within the whole East African Region suffers from unemployment.

Over 70% of the population under the age of 30 is unemployed, it is from this background that Ocen, an IT graduate of Mbarara University developed the Prokeziea app to connect many youth to equip them with necessary skills.

Godwin Ocen decided  to use his skills and knowledge on programming to develop this app so that it is easier to interact with employers without having to spend on transport and the huddle of applying at every office

The LinkedIn for Africans.

Prokaziea derived   from Pro (Professional), Kazi (Work), ea (East Africa) targets students and youth in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda to ensure they are connected in the job market.

A student in Juba should be able to link up with an employer in Uganda and get an internship placement, says Ocen. The app aims to create employment across borders

The app targets over 30 million internet users in East Africa and Godwin Ocen sees in Prokaziea the LinkedIn for Africans.