IIDEA Call for Projects is open: APPLY NOW!

IIDEA is an initiative which incubates small-scale regional integration projects, proposed and implemented by civil society, private sector and other interest groups in East Africa. It is cross-border in nature with projects involving at least two EAC Partner States. IIDEA provides technical and financial support for implementation and marketing of eligible projects. The initiative is implemented jointly with the East African Community Secretariat and the German Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ.

What is IIDEA doing?

IIDEA projects put into action and showcase success stories, impacts and experiences of citizens regarding the implementation of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market Protocol. This includes provisions such as the free movement of citizens, labour, goods, capital and the rights of establishment and residence of citizens in East Africa. In addition it will support projects that engage with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Who can apply?

We invite organizations with innovative projects and the capacity to implement them to submit their applications for support, in particular projects in the following areas: Health, Innovation in ICT, Agriculture, Trade and Tourism are eligible. We specifically encourage projects focusing on the needs of Youth and Women in the region. Please refer to the Project Concept Note for a complete statement of goals and expected results.

What do you need to do?

Applications must be received at EAC–GIZ Offices in Arusha not later than 30th July 2019. Applications and the relevant supporting documents thereof shall be submitted in PDF format (preferred) or other electronic format to iidea@eachq.org with a copy to eac-germancooperation@giz.de.

Any questions concerning this request for application (RFA) should be submitted in writing not later than 15 July 2019 prior to the closing date shown above to iidea@eachq.org with a copy to eac-germancooperation@giz.de. Final selection will be made in August 2019. Only successful applicants will be notified.

All projects are evaluated according to a fixed set of criteria, and the final funding decision is made by EAC-GIZ

Where to find all the relevant info?

The application form and all required annexes can be downloaded from the IIDEA web site at: https://www.eaciidea.net/tools/

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  1. I would like to inquire if IIDEA has any project request to deal with children? meanwhile good job and will be submitting our proposal soon
  2. Great Job Team IiDEA, I was wondering as to whether You support capacity building projects ?
    • Dear Belinda, IIDEA support projects that produces cross border products and services that are used by East Africans. training as a means of capacity building can be as aspect/or one of activity of the project. IIDEA doesn't support capacity building and awareness creation services as an independent projects. But these can be activities within the project. For details of what IIDEA is looking out for, I urge you to visit www.eaciidea.net and look at the what the previous projects have produced. IIDEA Team
    • Thank you IIDEA. Uganda National Cultural Centre is a government parastatal and is mandated to preserve and promote Uganda's art and culture. I am wondering whether you have any funding for culture and heritage.
  3. THANK FOR iidea stand supporting CBOS organization. also effective to add more proposal call for young nation.
    • Dear Elijah, The young nation is actually at the centre of IIDEA. We urge you to mobilize and crab the opportunity with innovation. looking forward your proposal Best regards, IIDEA Team
    • Hello!!!!! Our company deals with cultural tourism for youth in secondary schools in Rwanda but it can be expanded to different countries including those for EAC .I would like to ask you if with this field we can apply for IIDEA project. Best regards!!!!
      • Dear Evarist, Thanks for your inquiry on the eligible of IIDEA projects. Yes, cultural tourism is an area you can apply for the IIDEA project. All you have to ensure is that it has two countries minimum for implementation and beneficiary reach. Good luck in your proposal writing! IIDEA Team
  4. Dear Irene, IIDEA project can be targeted to any group as long as it is focused on the sector of priority in the call for application, its regional involving at least two East African Community countries i.e. the project is cross border in nature. Thanks for your interest in IIDEA we are and looking forward to receiving your project proposal. Best regards, IIDEA Team
    • Thanks for the good of supporting our project #IIDEA. I am a journalist and I would like to know if projects on communications are welcomed? They focus on Health and women across the region. Thank you once again
  5. My name is Fr. Method Msanga, the priest of Mavanga in Njombe region - Tanzania. I am in Mavanga community since April 2018. Mavanga is a rural area whereby the nearest town is 168 kms i.e. Njombe town. This community has about 9,000 people. The people of Mavanga have good hospitality and live in a very friendly way. The climate of this area is good because it is warm area and it receives enough rainfall per year. The people here are small peasants who from economic point of view they depend much on agricultural production like maize, beans, sweet potatoes, fruits and garden products. In this community 35% of the whole population are the youth but most of these young people have not chanced to go to schools especially secondary school and colleges due to the poverty of their families. To help this jobless young people the parish would like to construct the professional center. Since 1985 we have been training young people on carpentry but now the building is worn out nearly to fall. We need would like to raise 80,000 EURO which will help us to build a vocational training center so that new courses are added i.e. mechanics, plumbing, tailoring, computer and masonry. This project aims at helping our youth to have employment and hence reduce poverty in the community. In Mavanga we have one Health Center which has been helping these people since 1993. But for these 26 years the patients who have been diagnosed to be operated have been referred to Lugarawa hospital which is 60kms from here. The common cases referred to this far hospital are the unusual delivery cases. Due to the distance and rough roads especially during rainy season we have lost babies and mothers. The parish would like to construct the operation theater for helping especially the pregnant women who do not manage to give birth in a normal way. This will help to rescue children and mothers at delivery point for 97%. We would like to raise 35,000 EURO for construction and 35,000 EURO for purchasing some surgical instruments like one operation bed, two wheel beds, two wheel chairs, ultra sound, oxygen containers and operation lamp. For these two projects i.e. the training center for the youth and Operation Theater we have the project plans and the budgets at hand. so if one would like to see them we will be ready to forward to. We are inviting anyone who wants to come to volunteer in our Health Center, Kindergarten,carpentry water and electricity projects, you are all welcome to Mavanga as in Kiswahili we say KARIBU SANA! We really thank you all for your generous and kind heart by donating to these projects for this community . May you remain blessed always and forever! Help spread the word! Fr. Method Msanga Mavanga - Tanzania
    • Dear Father Method, Thanks for this information. Its indeed a noble cause to impact on children and youth with health service provision. We wish you luck in championing this cause. Unfortunately this is not an IIDEA project since its geographical scope is only in Tanzania and secondly, we don't support purchase of huge hospital equipment. For more information of what kind of project IIDEA supports, kindly visit www.eaciidea.net and look at the pioneers projects that IIDEA has support to learn from. Best regards, IIDEA Team
  6. Would like to express my gratitude to the iidea for presenting this great opportunity. This will truly change the lives of several youths in the EAC. I will be submitting my application as well.
  7. It is a good deal which can enable youths to prosper. Thank you for the project.
  8. Eva
    Hi IIDEA Team, We are No F-ears team from the Czech Republic. Currently, we have been developing a mobile app that facilitates a communication between hearing doctors and deaf patients, helping them understand each other without a need of interpreter. Are we eligible for IIDEA? Thank you very much!
    • Dear Eva, your project is a good one and focusing on health. However, if your project geographical scope is Czech Republic, then you are not eligible to apply for IIDEA. If the project scope is East African Countries (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan then you are eligible to apply for IIDEA. Thanks and all the best in your project. IIDEA Team
  9. This is a great opportunity for us in South Sudan for the first time. Thank you for this. Just an inquery; Our Organization Action Girls Africa(AGA) is in South Sudan and we are a member to the SSD EACCSOs group. My colleagues have formed a group of 5 CSOs and are applying as a consortium. The limit is five and already met and we can not join to make 6 CSOs, my question is can we apply as an Individual Organization? Let me know asap please.
    • Dear Susan, Your organization can apply to the IIDEA as long as you can demonstrate that it has the technical and financial capability to administrate, Report and account effectively to IIDEA. Wishing you luck in the application process Best regards, IIDEA Team
      • but there are many templete ..... is final report shall be submitted after funding period ??
        • Dear Timothy, All the documents placed under https://www.eaciidea.net/tools/ is for your Information and use. For the proposal, kindly use the application form, buget, M& E Matrix and communication guide which should be integrated as part of the proposal for communication activities. The Report templates will be used be Partners identified and supported. Please take note of the dateline for the application 31st July 2019.
          • Dear, I sent my proposal but I have received a feedback constitution and referee is must appeared also organization budget I have explained well how I did' t on application form .....explanations please
  11. Dear team, We want submitt our project conserning with crops from Tanzania and processing in the border of Tanzania-Kenya then the products 90% shall be consumed in Kenya ... is this right??
  12. Hello IIDEA Team ! In my Company we have a project which fights against malnutrition in Rwanda. it is Called SMART IRRIGATED AKARIMA. a small land of vegetables planted at home and it is self irrigated automatically, it uses rain fall water . vegetables are kept available permanently. I want to expand it to EAC Countries. can I apply for fund? Eng. Jean Claude MANIRAFASHA Tel: +250 782 089 262
    • Dear Claude, IIDEA does not Support individual Business plans. Projects are meant to benefit youth and or women in Two countries minimiumly. Best of luck IIDEA TEam
  13. I would like to request for clarification on the deadline for submitting the proposed innovative project to IIDEA . In the same document " IIDEA Project Eligibility and Selection Criteria June 2019" it is written that the deadline is on 30 July 2019 , elsewhere it is written that the deadline is before 30 July: ( Example: Step 1: Basic Eligibility Check (d) Applications must be submitted before the stipulated deadline of 30th July 2019. At the end of the same document, it is written that we have to submit " by latest 30th July 2019." ( cfr P.3 the last sentence of the document). I would like to kindly request you to clarify us the exact deadline for submission. Thank you for your good understanding. Kind regards Venantie NYIRANSABIMANA Rwanda Tel +250789685685
    • Dear Venantie, The dateline for Submission of the proposals is 30th July 2019. Best of luck IIDEA Team
  14. Hallo IIDEA, I am a Director for the CODISO organization. We have an idea to developing a project for youths entrepreneurial skills development focusing especially to girls' drop outs from school due to pregnancy and other related factors. The girls would get such education to enabling them to be innovative, learn new insights and use the same for improvement of their lives, improve their economic base through income generating activities and or improve the level of education for future development.
    • Dear Felix, please go ahead and submit your proposal using the templates provided under this link https://www.eaciidea.net/tools/ Best regards, IIDEA Team

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