Art Knows No Borders: The Art Safari 2017 opens in Arusha

The second stop of the East African Art Biennale organized by EASTAFAB in Arusha had its grand opening at the EAC Secretariat yesterday. The secretariat and the GIZ-EAC programme on behalf of IIDEA commenced the vernissage of the art exhibition. Dances and drums accompanied the ceremonial opening speeches.

IIDEA Senior Adviser Joyce welcoming and congratulating EASTAFAB

This art exhibition, which is held after every two years has brought together artworks from the five East African members of the East African Community namely, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, to be exhibited all over the Community. The East Africa Art Biennale Association (EASTAFAB) aims to promote art and artist’s integration within the East African region. Without social cultural cohesion, achieving the economic integration of the EAC would not be possible.

IIDEA supports EASTAFAB on their project the “Art Safari P

roject” which starts from Arusha from the 28th-4th December, Nairobi 22nd-28th January 2018, Kampala 2nd – 8th February 2018, Kigali from 12th -18th February 2018 and Bujumbura 22nd -28th February 2018. EASTABFAB gives opportunities and income to the artists of East Africa to not only bridge the gap between artist and the EAC, but also strengthen the Integration Agenda.

It is central for the cause to prove the artists of today the capacity to hone their talents and take advantage of the freedoms and rights granted by the Common Market Protocol in order to lead East Africa into tomorrow.

The opening ceremony at the EAC Secretariat attracts many interested visitors

What makes EASTAFAB’s contribution to establishing a firm foundation for the next generation of artists unique is the combination of traditional culture, capacity building through seminars and improving the livelihoods of the artists through exhibition, sales and marketing of the art work. By furnishing talented artists of all categories with the skills and capacity to access the tools of a modern economy, is helping to forge the pathway to modernity in a way that is distinctly East African.

As the integration process advances, the inclusion of people from all levels of society remain one of the biggest challenges. By ‘making integration real for citizens’, IIDEA in partnership with EASTAFAB hopes to make the significant progress made towards regional integration something that East Africans are proud of.

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