Moving Art Across East African Borders

Last week the East African Art Biennale 2017 opened in Dar es Salaam, holding exhibitions for the next three weeks before moving northward. The historic event expands into an Art Safari progressing from Dar es Salaam and Arusha in Tanzania through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and culminating in Burundi at the end of February.

Our IIDEA partner, the East Africa Art Biennale Association (EASTAFAB), founded in 2003, supports local artists in the East African Community and in 2017 organizing the Biennale. The event was set up with the intention to promote cultural integration through art in East Africa and to work with organizations dedicated to the well-being of visual art. The event is open to all fine artists, international and local but with a focus on East African Artists. Within this frame paintings, sculptures, print works, conceptual and contextual works and installations, video art, textile art and photography are exhibited, showcasing in particular artists that had not have the chance to exhibit across borders. In addition, dance, theatre, poetry, comedy, singing and music performances will be staged during the tenure of the Biennale. EASTAFAB has become a must for artists in this area of East Africa, where they can not only show their work but mingle and exchange ideas and expertise with other artists in the region and beyond. A seminar discussing 'The state of art education in the East African Region' will be held during the first week of the Biennale hosted by delegates from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, at the Swiss embassy residence in Dar es Salaam.

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