YE Mobile App

Executive Director, NACOFU

From an Email to Making the Youth Employment Thrive.

As a Software Engineering student at Makerere University, Bonny Ongom had a job that just paid enough to survive. But one day Ongom was to receive an email that he shared with his friend Simon Ntege and it was to change their career path for good.

The email was from the East African Community Secretariat in collaboration with the Regional Dialogue Committee, in partnership with GIZ, proposing an Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa (IIDEA).

At the time last year, both Ntege and Ongom had just graduated and knew the agony of unsuccessfully hunting for that dream job as young people.

What instantly came to their mind was the stark case of youth employment in East Africa.

With an opportunity presenting itself, the duo settled on using their software engineering skills to create a youth employment application (or YE Mobile App) to address joblessness in Uganda and Kenya.

How they Managed.

It took over two months for the Ongom and Ntege to put their proposal together. They were staying together and staying up late brain storming, writing the proposal and also seeking guidance from other knowledgeable people.

With time not on their side, the duo luckily managed to submit their proposal on deadline day with just a minute to closing time on June 30, 2016.

In August, about two months after submitting their proposal, they received communication that their project had been shorted listed.

Out of 76 projects they made 32 shortlisted in Uganda and then the final five winners. By December 2016, they had the project funding and got to create the YE Mobile App.