Executive Director, creativeDNA

From a Doctor’s Appointment to Health Care Innovation.

Early 2016 some time after his last consultancy, Chrispinus Onyancha fell sick and at that time of need could not avail medical finances, not because he could not afford but due to being unprepared to offset medical bills as health insurance was a NO option to the graduate just like the majority 80,236,408 million Ugandan and Kenyan citizens. Unfortunately, he was in no condition to move to the ATMs, luckily his doctor at that time accepted to treat Onyancha first and let him pay later. Onyancha’s only thought at the moment was how many doctors really allow this: to treat first without payment and how many citizens accordingly go through the same challenges!

Afterwards Chrispinus Onyancha took the initiative to solve this challenge and developed a loans and saving platform a few months later, where you continuously set aside healthcare funds for medical access from any registered health facility using your funds for your friends and family whenever they need medical attention.

When IIDEA did a call for private sector to apply for a partnership support of innovations that could impact the communities while promoting the East African Community integration, Onyancha together with his Co-Founder Anyango Sharon took a week to apply for this opportunity.  It was later selected and adopted by the East African Community in partnership with the German Government GIZ where it received the initial grant funding and is now working in peer with the Ministry of Health in the states of Uganda and Kenya.

Giving back to the Community.

Chrispinus Onyancha pitching his project.

Chrispinus Onyancha has always wanted to give back to his community using the expertise he had acquired and when he saw a pain point in his community that had not been addressed in the longest period of time, he felt that the time had come to do something about it.

Setting up clinicPesa today gives East African citizens of Uganda and Kenya an opportunity to plan for their healthcare financing through empowering them with a platform to set aside dedicated healthcare funds from their wages using mobile money infrastructure and have access to healthcare loans. Users are able to save any amount towards their healthcare fund in a cumulative manner, anytime, anywhere.