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Youth in Action: IIDEA Partners Showing the Way for the AU

Three partners of IIDEA attended the 2019 Pan African Youth Forum in Addis Ababa which launched the ‘1 million by 2021’ Initiative aimed at addressing the need to make African Integration relevant to young people of the continent. The conference was organised by the AU and participative sessions with the over 400 young people attending…
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Agribusiness App launched by IIDEA Partner NYDT: Engaging Youth in Agribusiness

Nyakitonto Youth for Development Tanzania (NYDT) have launched their EAC Youth Agribusiness App. After Local Climate Investment (LIC) representatives and NYDT have signed an MoU on how to strengthen communication between farmers and cross-border crop traders in East Africa, the way was paved for the app.  On the 7th November 2018 on LIC office premises…
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