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EAC Youth Tour Guides Network

USAGA’s project ‘EAC Youth Tour Guides Network’ is about linking young aspiring tourist guides in Kenya and Uganda through an online portal to professional guides and associations, with the aim of enhancing their skills and ensuring a sustainable tourism sector in the future. One of the key outputs is helping guides to create touristic itineraries…
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Digital Shops Replacing Brick & Mortal for Women Traders and Entrepreneurs

WITU developed, an online marketplace for women-owned micro and small businesses across East Africa, starting with Uganda and Kenya. With this innovative online market place, WITU has taken up the challenge of making the Fourth Industrial Revolution work for women in business. Many of them are left behind by this fundamental change, in which…
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BAHO Hospital: Cross-border Health Portal for EAC Citizens in Rwanda and Tanzania

Much delayed by the restrictions to the movement of people through the COVID19 pandemic, BAHO International’s project has now taken off to develop and test an online portal for health services across the borders of Rwanda and Tanzania. The IT experts, having been assigned office space at the hospital, started on the development of the…
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Tanzanian Youth Sensitized on Regional Integration Opportunities and Hygiene

The East African Community together with the Arusha City Council and the International Women’s Day Committee conducted a sensitization event at Maweni Primary and Mkonoo Secondary Schools in Terat Ward, Arusha, Tanzania on 24th July 2020. The community service event, which was originally meant to take place as part of the celebration of the International…
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Accelerating Access to ICT for Women and Youth to enhance regional trade

The African continent is experiencing a massive shift towards digital technologies and is radically transforming several sectors of the economies of its 55 countries, thereby directly impacting trade and global supply chains that link the continent. According to a 2018 study commissioned by the World Bank titled Leveraging ICT Technologies in Closing the Gender Gap,…
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AFYA Digital Launch

IIDEA partner EANNASO (Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations) launched the East Africa Afya Health Digital platform on 29th June, 2020. The launch was attended by almost 130 participants, including the relevant health organisations in the region, civil society organisations and the Media.Afya is an online digital platform mapping health service…
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Regional Apex Bodies Develop IIDEA Work Plan up to 2021

The apex bodies of the private sector and civil society organizations met virtually on 29th May 2020 through MS TEAMS. The half-day meeting was attended by representatives of the East African Civil Society Organizations Forum(EACSOF), the East Africa Law Society (EALS), the East African Local Government Association (EALGA) and the East African Health Platform (EAHP)…
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Teaching Farming Continues during the Pandemic

The serene agricultural town of Babati, located 160 kilometers South West of Tanzania’s Arusha city, is home to a group of young farmers under the name “Shambani Solutions”,who are  producing green beans for export. In early 2018, Shambani Solutions partnered with Kenyan based horticultural exporter Frigoken limited, to directly employ 2,200 young men and women through contractual farming, producing over 300 tons of green beans for export per annum.    “The bulk of our work involved training young people on the requisite farm and management techniques for production of green beans. With  COVID-19, our training schedule and capacity has  to adjust to the new reality”, says Johnson Mwambola, Shambani Solution’s project lead in Babati. “We used to train over 200 farmers in a day, during the pre-corona days. We have now scaled it down but we can still train around 20 participants per day”.     The training sessions have doubled-up as COVID-19 awareness sessions, where instructors from Shambani Solutions invite health and hygiene experts to sensitize participants on how to prevent the virus, collectively and individually. Participants attest to a clear change in behavior, for example people are washing their hands more frequently and are completely avoiding handshakes.     The situation in Babati highlights the plight faced by many farmers in the EAC . Whereas COVID-19 cases have remained…
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IIDEA 2020: Latest Facts and Figures

IIDEA identifies, nurtures and supports small innovative projects on regional integration. We give these organizations the possibility to test the freedom and opportunities provided by the regional integration in the EAC. Our latest figures show the increase in beneficiaries from this process as the new partners have started off and gone into full swing. IIDEA…
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