BAHO Hospital: Cross-border Health Portal for EAC Citizens in Rwanda and Tanzania

Much delayed by the restrictions to the movement of people through the COVID19 pandemic, BAHO International’s project has now taken off to develop and test an online portal for health services across the borders of Rwanda and Tanzania.

The IT experts, having been assigned office space at the hospital, started on the development of the planned application that lists partnering heath care facilities, doctors and their services and specialisations, health insurance partners, and doctors’ schedules. The app also provides the opportunity to make appointments and informs about costs and payments. The app reminds patients about their appointments by SMS, and enables them to communicate with their healthcare professionals even before they get to the health facility.

IT experts developing the BAHO Cross-border Online Portal for Health Services

When people in rural areas fall ill, or require medical treatment, their options are very limited.  Sometimes they travel very long distances to the only hospital or medical facility they know. But sometimes this facility does not have the right equipment or the right doctor, and it isn’t until they have travelled so far that they learn this. We are developing an online Health Services platform which will help rural people – in fact anyone – to identify the best medical facility for their needs straight away, and give them all the information they need before they travel or spend money,” says Jean Paul Tuyishime, from Baho International Hospital in Rwanda.

Once the app is up and running, BAHO Hospital expects to serve at least 500,000 beneficiaries in RWANDA and TZ.

Get more information from the BAHO web site.

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