Technology to Improve Health Service Access Across EAC Borders

EANNASO (Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organizations), with support of the EAC-GIZ programme through IIDEA, is developing a digital platform that provides accurate information on the availability of health services within East African border towns and their environs. Partners working in the region's health sector were brought together in an orientation meeting in Arusha, Tanzania to brainstorm and advance ideas on a prototype of the final product. 

This digital health product will allow residents and travelers to make well-informed decisions on which health facility to visit, reducing the time needed to seek for health services, and improving health outcomes for residents and travelers.

EANNASSO and Health Partners meet to share ideas for an online platform for the EAC

As the EAC gears towards full integration and cross-border movement becomes less restrictive, the movement of people across borders increases exponentially. This can help to improve access to quality health services. However, residents and travelers need to know where such health services are located on both sides of the border, so that they don’t travel long distances to access services that are available within a short distance, just across the border.

Diseases know no borders and time is of the essence when a person falls ill. Having the right information on where to access health services at the tip of your fingers could mean the difference between life and death. The EAC Digital Health Platform provides the innovative solution to empower communities make the right decision and choices right from the palm of their hands using their mobile phones. 

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