The New IIDEA Partners are now on Board!

From 11 to 14 November, all IIDEA projects are meeting in Arusha for IIDEA week. This is a unique opportunity for all IIDEA stakeholders and participants to build networks, learn from each other and share experiences and lessons learned.

Training Session on Communicating IIDEA

IIDEA pioneers whose projects have already been implemented and are still continuing meet the newcomers who have just gone through the approval process and are now starting to put their proposals into implementation. The IIDEA Committee is also present and meets directly with the continuing and new projects.  

Training sessions on how to market project, communicate, present goals and activities and the opportunities that are provided by tools such as crowd funding are at the centre of IIDEA Week. The short profiles of all IIDEA newcomers are now available at .

Networking, sharing and exchanging lessons learned among all partners involved in IIDEA

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