Seamless Travel through the EAC becomes a Reality: Launch of IIDEA Project “Easy Travel East Africa”

Not need to hassle your way at the bus stand anymore to catch a ticket.

Traveling across East Africa is set to be easier following the launch of our IIDEA project “Easy Travel East Africa”.

The online platform will enable cross-border travelers to plan ahead for their journey through access to real time information on scheduled trips and compare pricing as well as reserve bookings.

The new system seeks to provide cross-border universal ticketing and customer support services.

Easy Travel East Africa project lead and Bekn Global Technologies Chief Executive Officer Nicodemus Barasa explains how the platform brings together regional bus operators, regulators, tour agencies and immigration agencies.

The company has already engaged six regional bus operators including Modern Coast, Tahmeed, Dreamline, Mash Poa, Easy Coach and Riverside Shuttle.

“A passenger only needs to visit our website and search for buses doing cross-border travels. They will then be able to book for their tickets online. They will get ticket details emailed and SMS confirmation sent to their phones, which they will use to board the buses they had booked,”

Barasa said during the launch event in June, in Nairobi.
Launch event of Easy Travel East Africa in Nairobi

Easy Travel East Africa's aim for seamless travelling across the region is additionally achieved by offering border pre-clearance services for passengers using their platform. Hereby the passengers’ information will be sent to the immigration offices prior to their arrival at the border through the platform.

The platform is ready for use and will fully be rolled out in August 2019. Mr Barasa and his team intend to partner with 10 major regional bus companies and 20 tour companies and agencies by the end of the year before expanding it to other regions like Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan.

Mobility of people in the East African Community becomes a reality on the ground.

Congratulations to an IIDEA project that makes integration real for citizens!

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