The EAC Mobile Application: Digitizing the Region

The EAC Mobile Application is launched.

An imperative for digital transformation in the East African Community has arrived!

The Official East African Community Mobile Application is an all inclusive and integrated communication channel of the EAC Secretariat and the affiliate organs and institutions designed with support from The German Cooperation, GIZ to complement the currently existing communication processes and tools.

In this era of digital transformation where knowledge is power, smart solutions are needed that can put more power at the fingertips of the EAC citizens with instant and accurate News, upcoming Events, careers and opportunities on available Jobs, Tenders, Consultancies and Scholarships among others.

The EAC Mobile App which is currently available on the Google Play store and iOS App store with over 2000 active downloads and exponentially growing is demonstrating how regional integration can think people at its core. The EAC Mobile App can further facilitate the EAC Secretariat in reaching her desired and ultimate goal of a people-centered, market driven, economically empowered and prosperous region.

The Application also has various features such as an easy to read version of the EAC treaty, EAC Anthem in audio and stanzas, surveys and polls, brief information about the Partner States, Organs and Institutions.

Visit the platform for all information.

And download the East African Community Mobile App today from the Google Play Store or the App Store to be the first to know about the latest news updates, careers and opportunities, upcoming events, lots of informative and educative information in this region.

Brian Josep Otim, EAC Mobile App Project Manager

This digital tool was developed by a group of young and dynamic citizens of the EAC.  Brian Joseph Otim as the EAC Mobile App Project Manager has experience in directing product strategy, development efforts, and digital marketing campaigns. He also works with organizations to drive digital transformation against a strategic plan.

A Software Engineer by profession, Brian is the founder of SONET, a Software and Applications Development firm and a Consultant for the East African Community Mobile Application project.

He also formerly served as the third Deputy EAC Youth Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda and is very committed towards working with people and communities to create social changes using smart and innovative approaches.

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