Launch of Hakuna Kulala: East African Artists and Producers Incubator

IIDEA proudly presents the launch of the Hakuna Kulala Label and Music Incubator for over 300 young artists and upcoming musicians from across East Africa.

Thursday Night the label was officially launched at Nyege Nyege Festival 2018. “Hakuna Kulala” takeover – enhancing the fusion of electronic and traditional music, elements of regional music all over East Africa are taken into the high-class DJ sets.

The Artists of Hakuna Kulala officially launched the new project with a night full of sound. Thousands of people were dancing in front of the stage to celebrate the promotion of East African Artists. The label contains a number of artists from all EAC Partner States.

The launch of “Hakuna Kulala Music Incubator project”  further demonstrates the commitment of civil society and private sector organizations towards supporting the aspirations set out in the EAC Common Market Protocol signed in 2010.

IIDEA Project partners NACOFU, CDEA and Bayimba and the IIDEA Team supporting the launch of the new project "Hakuna Kulala"

Launched in 2016, IIDEA has supported over 25 small-scale cross border projects in 6 EAC Partners States with total financial and technical assistance disbursed amounting to more than 1.3 Million USD. The projects range from employment applications for youth, trade information for female small-scale cross-border traders to supporting the cultural industry in the EAC.

In this new phase IIDEA supports Boutiq foundation to develop their digital label and music incubator project Hakuna Kulala and further advance their vinyl/tape label Nyege Nyege Tapes to build capacity for young musicians of the EAC region.

Through this collaboration Boutiq Foundation is enabled to create bridges within the region and opportunities to collaborate, to travel, perform and develop a strong regional identity through music. In offering a space for artist development, music productions, workshops and collaborations, based primarily in Kampala with satellite studios in Dar Es Salaam and Gulu, young producers can exchange their knowledge and network. The two concurrent labels, one vinyl/tape which is nyege nyege tapes, and one digital only more focused on urban music, called hakuna kulala, have a strong following regionally and worldwide and serve as a perfect launch platform for young artists. The focus on both labels is to showcase outsider music from the region, from Singeli of Dar Es Salaam to the Bengatronix of Kenya to electro Kadodi from Mbale and the Acholi electronic music from Gulu to the indigenous hip-hop from South Sudan, Boutiq Foundation strives to be the portal for the discovery as well as incubation and production of quality underground East African music.

Finally the development of an artist agency/management structure that benefits artists with performance opportunities, proper communication materials and advice on career management aims to support income generation and sustainability of young musicians and producers.

There cannot be real regional integration without a regional identity, and that collective regional identity can only exist if it encompasses the diversity of its members, their history, their culture, their worldviews. By interacting with musicians across the region, by performing throughout the region and collaborating with artists from all over the region, East African Artists are able to push for a sound that has the potential to rally people from all over Africa.

East African Artists performing at Nyege Nyege 2018.

Moreover, the economic and demographic challenges the future holds can be partly answered by developing a thriving creative industry that is based on local talent and local creativity functioning in a circular economy on a regional scale.

The annual Nyege Nyege festival offers a high point for international collaborations and exposure. The incubated artists get to showcase their production on a regional and international level, bringing the sound of East Africa into the world.

IIDEA is also happy to showcase and exhibit other IIDEA projects from the cultural sector. Faisal Kiwewa presented his experience of Doadoa – a cultural festival for East Africa. Angela Kilusungu shared the lessons learned from CDEA, the Incubator for Culture and Development focusing on capacity building of East African Designers, Film makers and musicians. Bonny Ongom represented NACOFU and focused on connecting their Youth Employment Application with the opportunities for young artists present at Nyege Nyege 2018.






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