New IIDEA Partners on Board

A team from IIDEA GIZ EAC Programme has commenced to conduct due diligence for the ten newly selected IIDEA projects from the private sector and civil society as well as other interest groups in East Africa. The team has been moving across the six EAC Partners where the ten selected project organizations are based. The ten selected projects include the followings:-

  1. Easy Travel East Africa by Train Ticket Kenya Limited,
  2. EAC Market Place by AfriTrade and Enterprise Advisory Services (ATEAS) Kenya,
  3. Cooperative Accelerator for Urban and Cross Border Women Traders by DMT Limited Uganda,
  4. Swahiliwood Entertaining Solutions for Regional Integration by Media for Development International (MFDI) Tanzania,
  5. “Hakuna Kulala” by Nyege Nyege Red Tape in Uganda,
  6. Worknasi by CV People in Tanzania,
  7. Women Economic Empowerment in Conflict Environment by South Sudan Women Entrepreneurship Association (SSWEA),
  8. EAC Youth Agri-Business App by Nyakitonto Youth for Development Tanzania (NYDT)
  9. A Community Based Mobile Application for rural Maternal Health by the Health Healing Network Burundi (HHNB);
  10. Rwanda and Tanzania Private Sector Tourism Integration Hub by the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA).

The IIDEA Team extends warm sincere congratulations to the selected projects and their organizations. We look forward to supporting these ideas brought to life with the view of enabling the targeted citizens’ benefit from the opportunities and gains of regional integration as a result of the implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol.

The IIDEA due diligence has already been conducted in nine organizations. These include MFDI in Arusha on the 18th June 2018. This project which is about an entertaining web series focusing on EAC integration has successfully completed the due diligence test, signed the contract and is staring the production of the first episode! Audio-Visual Integration here we come!

Another due diligence conducted was with the Naykitonto Youth for Development in Tanzania (NYDT) in Kigoma, Tanzania from the 5th and 6th June 2018. NYDT project which is an EAC Youth Agri-Business App has successfully completed the due diligence test, signed the contract and are ready to commence. Twende Kazi!

In Nairobi the team could congratulate the successful due diligence of Easy Travel East Africa with their vision of a unified ticketing and customer service platform for busses across the region. Also the bright heads behind EAC Market Place, which supports MSMEs with tailored sector specific trade and market information, have big smiles on their faces…

From Kampala we will be hearing the sounds of East Africa now: Nyege Nyege Tapes are launching their “Hakuna Kulala” project to support young music producers from the region.

The team will be proceeding with the due diligence and the contracting processes for the project that passed the due diligence within the next weeks.

The team represented by the Senior Advisor IIDEA GIZ-EAC Programme, Ms. Joyce Kevin Abalo-Kimaro, Junior Advisor IIDEA GIZ-EAC, Ms. Clara Koschies,  the Finance and Administrator Officer GIZ, Ms. Ruth John Mwamwaja and Account Officer Mr. Amani Khassa conducted  the financial audit of the partner organizations and provided technical support to the organization in revising their project proposal, work plan and budget.

The finding of the audit so far confirmed that  most of the projects were able to provide the financial and technical capacity requirement for IIDEA support as indicated in their project proposal endorsed by the IIDEA Committee and the eligibility criteria.

The IIDEA team takes this opportunity to congratulate the new incubatees upon the successful due diligence. We look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership.

Welcome to IIDEA!

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