Paving the Way for Youth Employment: IIDEA Projects Launch Apps

KCCA Employment Services Bureau in Kampala launched the two innovative mobile applications targeting Youth Employment in the East African Region: our IIDEA partners NACOFU with their YE App and CEFORD with Prokaziea.

Over 70% of the population under the age of 30 is unemployed, it is from this background that Godwin Ocen, an IT graduate of Mbarara University developed the Prokeziea app to connect many youth to equip them with necessary skills.

Prokaziea is a network platform to bring together job creators and seekers in the EAC

Prokaziea derived  from Pro (Professional), Kazi (Work), ea (East Africa) targets students and youth in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda to ensure they are connected in the job market.

Ocen Godwin, the CEO and co-founder of Prokaziea app says this will be a platform where students and fresh graduates build networks to acquire jobs and internship places.

The app links educational institution and employers together so that internship opportunities can be traced.

Prokaziea can be accessed on web and can be downloaded from play store. Students or graduates create their profiles and are able to access streamed opportunities instantly and connect routinely with those in their networks.

Youth using the Yeapp job application to build their future

According to Godwin Ocen Prokaziea can be the LinkedIn of Africa.

Bonny Ongom and his team developed The Youth Employment Software Application (yeApp), a mobile and web application that provides a platform for the youth in East Africa to connect with employment opportunities. Youth seeking work can now receive Job Adverts posted by employers from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan and use the platform to apply for positions being advertised.

You wish to improve your entrepreneurial skills?

Access and enroll for training programs in the EAC

You have innovative ideas?

Use the app to get adverts on local or international Grants and apply for business startups.

You want to share your views when it come sot the educational system and entrepreneurship?

Post them on the App's interactive home page and start a discussion.


IIDEA is proud to present two Apps to enhance Youth Employment oppertunites across the region. Simply download Prokaziea and yeApp from the Google Play Store, the Apple Store or directly from their website.

And start your career now!

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