IIDEA Concludes Due Diligence with Profemme Twesehamwe

A team from IIDEA visited Profemme Twesehamwe (PFTH), a NGO registered in Rwanda working on women’s rights and gender equality. The purpose of this visit was to ascertain its financial and technical capability to implement their approved project.

This innovative project seeks to strengthen cross-border businesses of women-led SMEs involved in the trade of grains between Rwanda and Uganda. They will develop a mobile platform for networking and collaboration across the border. In so doing, this project will not only enhance women traders businesses between these two countries, but also remove their reliance on exploitative middlemen.

The team represented by the Senior Advisor, Ms. Joyce Kevin Abalo-Kimaro, and the Finance and Administrator GIZ, Ms. Ruth John Mwamwaja, conducted a financial audit of the institution and provided technical support to the organization in revising their project proposal, work plan and budget.

The finding of the audit confirmed that Profemme Twesehamwe has met the financial and technical capacity requirement for IIDEA support as indicated in their project proposal endorsed by the IIDEA Committee. The next step is the contracting process for the project which will be administered by the GIZ Country office in Rwanda in collaboration with the GIZ-EAC Programme based in Arusha.

The IIDEA team takes this opportunity to congratulate Profemmes Twesehamwe. We look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership.

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