Behind the Scenes of the IIDEA Selection Committee

A second call for applications from innovative organisations who are passionate about contributing to East African integration was sent out at the end of last year, this time for Rwanda and Burundi. Eight out of the twenty applications we received were eligible to be reviewed by the IIDEA Selection Committee on 2nd March, 2017.

The IIDEA Selection Committee is comprised of members who have a strong commitment to citizen involvement in the regional integration process. Present at the meeting were representatives from a diverse set of stakeholders in EAC integration. Representing the EAC Secretariat was Ms. Generose Minani and Ms. Joyce Kevin Abalo represented GIZ. Civil society was represented by Mr. Robert Ainebyona from the East African Civil Society Organisations' Forum and the private sector by Mr. Lameck Wesonga from the East African Business Council. Meanwhile, the Partner States were represented by Mr. Samuel Kahenu from the Ministry of East African Affairs (MEACA) Kenya, Mr. Jonathan Kirabo from MEACA Rwanda, Mr. Aman Mwatonoka from MEACA Tanzania and Mr. Kiromezi Barnabas from MEACA Burundi.

The meeting took place through the EAC’s state of the art video conference facilities in order to improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the proceedings.

Each of the committee members had received the summary, application and supporting documentation of the projects in advance. So they were well informed about the proposed project objectives, activities and budget beforehand.

It is sometimes the case in the EAC that politics can get in the way of making effective decisions. In order to make sure that the selection process was not unduly influenced by political considerations and stayed in line with IIDEA’s selection criteria, scoring took place in a transparent way with each of the Selection Committee Member’s scores being displayed on the live video feed.

The meeting was a success and two projects were selected. Soon, IIDEA will have partners based in Rwanda and Burundi working to build regional integration from the ground up across this community of nations.

If you would like to find out more about how projects are scores, click the link to see the score sheet used in the meeting and visit tools to read our Selection Criteria and the application process more generally.

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